Friday, June 11, 2010

Le Mort d'Arthur by Sir Thomas Mallory

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Our next book will be Sir Thomas Mallory's, "Le Mort d'Arthur'. This is the classic tale that began the fascination with King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table. A few years ago, I had the pleasure of reading T.H. White's, "The Once and Future King," which was awesome. I have not read Mallory's text, so I am really looking forward to it this summer.

This is a rather long book, and I think we will read as much as we possibly can given the time we have on the schedule. I found an online HTML text that seems very readable. I will post other links later, if I can find good translations, and they are easily accessed. I will also be posting study questions, but for now, here is some background information as well as a link to the HTML formatted book.


You can read some interesting background information on Mallory as well as on his writing of this text here.

Online Texts

The following two websites have the book in HTML format. You can also download the text file through Project Gutenberg. I personally find HTML to be easier to read, but if you would rather download it to your computer, have at it.
Audio Versions


Reading Schedule

The following schedule is fluid and may change, given the nature of our readers preferences. However, for now, this is a good schedule to start this book.
  • June 14 - Book 1
  • June 21 - Book 2
  • June 28 - Book 3
  • July 5 - Book 4
  • July 12 - Book 5
  • July 19 - Book 6
  • July 26 - Book 7
  • August 2 - Book 8
  • August 9 - Book 9 (end of Vol. 1)
  • August 16 - Book 10 and on for readers who wish to continue with Vol. 2

Happy reading ~ Enjoy!