Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer Courses, 2011

Well, summer has finally arrived here in Phoenix, and we are experiencing daily high temperatures in the upper 90's to low 100's (F and not C). It is a good time to stay indoors and read, so here is the summer schedule.

I have decided to offer this summer as an elective, and allow readers several books to read instead of just one. Perhaps this will generate more interest in the courses offered.
  • Option 1: Miguel de Cervantes, "Don Quixote"
  • Option 2: Edmund Spenser's, "The Faerie Queene"
  • Option 3: Christopher Marlowe's, "Doctor Faustus"
All three book choices span our period, 1400-1599, and are well-known novels.

Readers are free to choose to read one of the above books or they can choose to read them all. I will provide links and textual information for easy reading online as well as for finding hard copies at libraries or used book sources. Questions and other background information will be available here and in the Yahoo Group files section.

Updated Fall 2011 Schedule

For now, the following schedule seems doable. Fall readings will begin in September and run through December 2011.
  • William Shakespeare
  • John Donne
Updated Spring 2012 Schedule

For Spring 2011, the following selections will be scheduled:
  • Jonathan Swift's "Gulliver's Travels"
  • Alexander Pope's "Rape of the Lock"
  • William Wordsworth
More details will follow, so stay tuned.

Option 1: Miguel Cervante's "Don Quixote"

For readers who would like to attempt this book, my suggestion is to read this over the entire summer. It is a long book, and will require two months of consistent daily (or weekly reading) to finish it.

Online HTML Text can be found here:
Audio Book at Librivox:
Book notes:
Study questions:

Option 2: Edmund Spenser's "Faerie Queene"

For readers who want to read this book in Middle English, the following links are available.

Online version:
PDF Format:
Audio at Librivox:
Book notes:
Canto by Canto reading guide:

Option 3: Christopher Marlowe's "Doctor Faustus"

Online Text:
Audio Book at Librivox:
Book Notes:
Study Questions:

If you would like to join us this summer and read some great classical books, please feel free to visit our Yahoo Group here: