Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Reading Rules

Our desire on the Areté Classical Study list is to create a spirit of sharing and discussion where everyone is welcome to post comments, thoughts and opinions on the books we read. As such we do ask that every post be respectful and that all comments are made without causing offense to other readers. We understand that our readers perspective will vary according to their upbringing and their religious beliefs. It is therefore imperative that we show respect at all times and that we remember to pose our questions in a thoughtful manner worthy of intellectual discovery.

  1. All readers are welcome to join us
  2. We are a predominately Christian reading group
  3. We read with a Biblical Worldview
  4. We discuss readings in light of the Bible
  5. We all agree to disagree on some points
  6. We do not allow any foul or abusive language on the list
  7. We do not allow any solicitation whether for products or services
  8. We understand that we all are learning and that there isn't always a 'clear cut' answer
  9. You do not have to read every book listed
  10. You do not have to read at the suggested pace
  11. You are welcome to post your comments and or questions to the group
  12. You are free to unsubscribe and resubscribe at your discretion
  13. All posts are screened for content and at the sole opinion of the moderator may be edited or removed
  14. Members may be removed at any time and for any reason (although this has never happened) should they break the rules above or become aggressive or antagonistic towards the Moderator or any member.
  15. This is a slow paced non-intellectual reading group -- you do not have to be a Biblical or Classical studies scholar to read. Most of our members are home schooling parents, retiree's or book lovers who like to read at a gentle pace.
If you can abide by our reading rules, you are welcome to join us! You can subscribe via the website at: